Thursday, December 3, 2009

The shawl that knows no end.....

First off....... No mouse yet. but the war is on and the combat is fierce. At this point, I am having to watch where I step, to keep from getting my toes smashed in a trap or getting a sticky trap stuck to my foot..... Houdini Is STILL Going DOWN ...... It's just " When" I don't know......BLAH

Now on to other things like......... Knitting !!!

Ever knit something that you loved knitting on so much that you didn't want to stop ?

I do this a lot because I am a process Knitter......Totally oposite from Cindy who is a product knitter........ She tends to crank things out faster than I can put something in my que on Ralvery. With that said........... Here goes.......

The shawl that "knows no end " will hopefully be coming to an end soon, so that I can actually wear it before I die....... OK.......... that might be a bit crass, but you have to understand whats been going on with this thing. Most of you know that I am a plus sized gal........Actually I am very plus sized, but that's besides the point here.... I wanted to make the Wool Peddlers Shawl by Cheryl Oberle, but I needed it big enough to actually fit me. The above picture is the beautiful wool that I chose for this knitting adventure.

It is 100% fingering wool , soft and blue........what more could a woman ask for !!! Now that I had chosen the pattern , the wool and the needles, I cast on 7 stitches and began to work the pattern.

I have been knitting happily away at this shawl in garter stitch for a while now. It was a comfort to knit as I sat in the hospital with my Father-In-Law. I didn't have to think........just knit, knit, knit.......... Instead of stopping at 231 stitches, as the pattern calls for, I continued to knit on until I reached 331 stitches in glorious garter stitch. The result was 165 st to the right, 1 st center and 165 st to the left. This gave me a total of 331 stitches.

Being a plus sized woman, I wanted the shawl to fit me very nice and comfortably. I stoped knitting on the right side row. Turning my work to the wrong side. I then begin to work my setup row for the lace and then began Row 1. At the end of Row 3 , I inserted a life line because the set up row and rows 1-2 had to be counted carefully in order to set the lace up correctly. With that being said, My lace pattern has been established and away I go.

This is a very satisfying knit and not too complicated. I have now started my 6th lace repeat and think that I will actually add one more than the pattern calls for. Call me a nut, but I love the number 7.... It the number of the Lord above and special to me in many ways.
So 7 lace repeats it will be......... See I told you it was never ending.......... We will see !!!

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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  1. The never ending shawl for both of us is actually the Victorian Romance shawl from Goddess Knits. We have both been working on it since it started and the Anniversary Mystery Shawl in May. We are both using Maine Line in Snow. I just finished clue 1!