Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the beginning and More...=)

Hello....=), I am Louann ( My friends call me Lou ). I am the "Other Half "of Cindy. As Cindy has already said we met thru our husbands and have never looked back. Best friends to the end!!!
Cindy is the only person that I know, that would take me to "SAFF", drag me around, carry my spinning wheel and stand in line for drinks, while I sat in my chair "waiting" and NOT complain. That's the kind of friend I have in her. We decided to create this blog, so that we could share our "crazy" lives with everyone who wants to read about two country girls living with a "Yarn Addiction".......So let's get started!!!

Cindy and I both had doctors appointments yesterday and decided to meet up at Barnes and Noble and grab some lunch. Since I don't get out of the house a lot, this was such a welcome relief, getting out of the house and to being with my BFF, all in one trip !!! We looked at some of the new knitting books while chatting and then I remembered the MOUSE......... Oh Gosh...... So now you get to hear what she heard..............the whole traumatic tale........=)

My Father-In-Law had been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks and I had been sitting with him and knitting while he slept. I hadn't been at the house, except at night, in a while, so I was excited to be able to check my e-mail and look at things on Ralvery. I was in total bliss, until I came up for air and looked around my craft room.......... I noticed that one of my bags of Shetland fiber, that I had bought at SAFF, was missing it's plastic bag. I thought to myself..... Who in the world would have been messing in my fiber........ once I picked up what was left of the bag, I knew.........A mouse.......... There was a mouse in the house and it was after my FIBER !!!! Oh Gosh..........this was dramatic and it meant WAR !!!

Now I am usually humane about critters and like to capture them and place them back where they belong.........outside.........but this was my fiber and my yarn, as I discovered later, ....... that this MOUSE had attacked with a vengeance........ There would be NO mercy because this MOUSE was going DOWN !!!.

I called my hubby and explained the dire situation and told him not to come home without an arsenal, which he did. Now mind you, I am afraid of those tiny mouse traps...... because of its finger catching capabilities, so I asked the hubby to do the dirty work. He armed 4 traps with peanut butter and cheese and placed then all over my craft room. We packed up my SAFF treasures in plastic totes and went to bed quite happily , sure that that mouse was going down for the count. I got up the next morning to find......NOTHING....... that little pest had not took the bate for any of my traps........nor has it done so for the last few days. I am calling it Houdini from now on.

My Hubby is coming home today with more mouse catching devices in order to catch this sneaky little critter......... In the meantime, I am keeping my Fiber goodies in plastic totes and trying to catch another glimpse of the enemy !!!

Well that's about it for now. I am still "Eyeing" the corners and listening with the alertness of a mother guarding her babies from a MONSTER !!!! The war is still on........... just pausing until the hubby gets home with more weapons............... Catch you Later. !!!! LMBO!!!

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  1. Just so you know - I am happy to help Lou because I enjoy her company! She didn't ask me to stand in line for drinks - I did it for my BFF!