Sunday, December 27, 2009

And the celebration continues!

My hubby bought me this beautiful pearl bracelet and a pair of pearl stud earrings. This bracelet is so unusual and is so pretty! I just love it! I do have a problem with losing earrings, so those will be put away to wear on special occasions.
My daughter brought me a fifth of PAMA pomegranate liqueur. I love everything pomegranate! It also has a beautiful glass with it for my evening cocktail.
My long time dear friend Linda K brought me a beautiful fluffy pink Cypress robe. It is heavenly.
My mom brought me a pan of home made enchiladas hot from the oven, a huge box of chocolates, kitchen towels, a planter for my tomatoes next spring, a beautiful green dress, and a set of glass mixing bowls with lids. Great job Mama! Love you!
I had lots of well wishes from old and new friends. This wonderful celebration continues another day!
A new friend sent me a message saying "When the world thought Christmas was over, God sent us you!" Isn't that so sweet!
My Aunt Gloria sent me a beautiful e-card too. It was a great start to my morning.
While my parents were here visiting dearest hubby decides to show them how my spinning wheel works - OMG! I had fiber attached to the wheel and he had his big boots on my pedal! The beautiful merino/silk/bamboo fiber from Miss Babs that I was spinning ended up in a knot! My daughter has claimed that fiber for a shawl, so we both had high blood pressure after that incident. My Dad thought it was hilarious and promised to buy me some sheep! That will teach my hubby to mess with my spinning! :)
It is only 5 PM so I have more birthday to go! Off to celebrate some more!

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