Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrating Being 45!

OK - actually my birthday is tomorrow, but I plan on celebrating all week!

Today we met Lou and Rob for dinner at the Mad Greek! Yes, I found Lou at the Mad Greek!

Rob picked up the tab for dinner which was totally unexpected but very appreciated. I got the most awesome gifts too!

I got a beautiful brown cape! Lou has pictures which I am sure she will be posting later. It makes me feel like I am getting a big hug from her while I am wearing it! I may never take it off! It is warm too. It is so perfect.

Plus- yarny goodness! MALIBRIGO! A skein of Dusty Olive worsted weight and a hat pattern to go with it! I have never had maligrigo and I can't wait to try it.

But that isn't all - 4 skeins of lilac peruvian wool, a skein of deep purple sock yarn, and a skein of soy Wool Stripes. YUM

That still isn't all - I got Bath and Body Works hand soap, mascara to make my eyes sexy, 3 intensive hair conditioning treatments plus Mary Kay lipstick and eyeshadow. AND it wasn't in Christmas paper! LOL

I got the most beautiful card too. My best friend is the best! Aren't you jealous?

Really, I would have just been happy getting to spend time with her. It is so great to have someone who is the same age and background, with a like mind and similar tastes to be your best pal. What more could anyone ask for in a friend???

So far I have also gotten a really cool black coat from my Dad. He also got me one for my daughter just like mine! How cool is that?? Love my Daddy!

My friend Jane from work got me a $25 gift certificate to Spin A Yarn in West Jefferson, NC. More yarny goodness!

Needless to say, I feel very loved. I have gotten cards from my friend Kira in Ohio, My Uncle Dennis, and my friend Ruth. My brother sent me a card with a gift card for Applebees! YUM YUM!

I will continue as the birthday saga continues, but for now, I will be looking at the present from my hubby wondering what it could be!

Tell me, why do people not like birthdays???

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