Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Night

When nothing else feels quite right, I knit socks. It has rained for days here in Eastern Tennessee with no sunshine in site. It's the kind of rain where the cold seeps way down into your bones and causes your fingers to ache and hurt.

I was working on my shawl eariler today and I timed myself. It is taking almost a hour and a half to knit a row and purl it back on my shawl. The weight of the thing is causing my hands to hurt so I have decided to switch to socks. Now I know you are asking yourslef, if your that close to finishing , then why stop. I guess the answer is that tonight I just needed to knit without thinking. I always try to keep a simple pair of socks on the needles at all times, so that I can take a break from thinking. I learned to knit socks using Ann Buds Book "The Knitters Book Of Handy Patterns " which gives you a recipe for plain functional socks, from any yarn that you want to use and they always fit your feet. To me her pattern is " Knitting Bliss" when I don't want to think , but need to keep my hands moving.

Later on I will list the things that I have on my needles and who they are for and why they are "not" finished. I will also discuss "The Yarn Diet" that Cindy and I are on and about the stash that has clearly taken over my craft room and my house. Maby some resolutions are in order for this comming year. Cindy and I both are good at sticking to them if it becomes a challenge and we "Spit and Shake" on it. Bet some of you have never heard that old saying before, but from where we are from it is the gospel. Woe to anyong who breaks a "Spit and Shake" .

Well that is about it for tonight. So off I go to knit on these Farm Tractor socks that I started back in the late summer. There is a picture of them at the top, when I was knitting at the late summer picnic, Cindy, her family and my family went on. They have been on the needles far to long and its time they are on my feet.

Keep Warm and Knit, Knit, Knit.................. =)

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