Monday, December 28, 2009

More celebration!

Today I got an amaryllis plant from my friends Kay and Roy, paraffin refills for my paraffin bath for my friend Linda C, and a prayer book and antique figurine from my friend Pam.

I got a beautiful card in the mail from my Aunt Joyce too.

Today was back to work~ I don't mind my job but I would rather be at home LOL

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And the celebration continues!

My hubby bought me this beautiful pearl bracelet and a pair of pearl stud earrings. This bracelet is so unusual and is so pretty! I just love it! I do have a problem with losing earrings, so those will be put away to wear on special occasions.
My daughter brought me a fifth of PAMA pomegranate liqueur. I love everything pomegranate! It also has a beautiful glass with it for my evening cocktail.
My long time dear friend Linda K brought me a beautiful fluffy pink Cypress robe. It is heavenly.
My mom brought me a pan of home made enchiladas hot from the oven, a huge box of chocolates, kitchen towels, a planter for my tomatoes next spring, a beautiful green dress, and a set of glass mixing bowls with lids. Great job Mama! Love you!
I had lots of well wishes from old and new friends. This wonderful celebration continues another day!
A new friend sent me a message saying "When the world thought Christmas was over, God sent us you!" Isn't that so sweet!
My Aunt Gloria sent me a beautiful e-card too. It was a great start to my morning.
While my parents were here visiting dearest hubby decides to show them how my spinning wheel works - OMG! I had fiber attached to the wheel and he had his big boots on my pedal! The beautiful merino/silk/bamboo fiber from Miss Babs that I was spinning ended up in a knot! My daughter has claimed that fiber for a shawl, so we both had high blood pressure after that incident. My Dad thought it was hilarious and promised to buy me some sheep! That will teach my hubby to mess with my spinning! :)
It is only 5 PM so I have more birthday to go! Off to celebrate some more!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Didn't Forget..........
Now Miss Cindy, I know that I have not posted for a while, but that does NOT mean that I would forget something as inportant to me as your Birthday........It's not because I am nice or anything like is simply the fact that for the NEXT 6 weeks .... YOU WILL BE 45 and I will still be 44. Oh it is such sweet revenge to be able to say that to you My dearest friend !!! ( HAHAHAHAAH!!!!!))

On a nicer note. I am so happy that Rob and I had the chance to help celebrate your birthday with you and Scott. I always treasure the time that we get to spend together and I Thank God that He sent you to me. You are my best friend, my soul mate and the sister that I never had. We have knit together, Riped (froged) together, laughed together and spun together. I hope that we have many more years to celebrate birthdays and above all just be together, in one of our houses, knitting and spinning and drinking hot coffee or tea. Now that is what I call a great life. I love you Sis and I wish you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow and every year of your life................ Knit On Sister !!!..................=)

Celebrating Being 45!

OK - actually my birthday is tomorrow, but I plan on celebrating all week!

Today we met Lou and Rob for dinner at the Mad Greek! Yes, I found Lou at the Mad Greek!

Rob picked up the tab for dinner which was totally unexpected but very appreciated. I got the most awesome gifts too!

I got a beautiful brown cape! Lou has pictures which I am sure she will be posting later. It makes me feel like I am getting a big hug from her while I am wearing it! I may never take it off! It is warm too. It is so perfect.

Plus- yarny goodness! MALIBRIGO! A skein of Dusty Olive worsted weight and a hat pattern to go with it! I have never had maligrigo and I can't wait to try it.

But that isn't all - 4 skeins of lilac peruvian wool, a skein of deep purple sock yarn, and a skein of soy Wool Stripes. YUM

That still isn't all - I got Bath and Body Works hand soap, mascara to make my eyes sexy, 3 intensive hair conditioning treatments plus Mary Kay lipstick and eyeshadow. AND it wasn't in Christmas paper! LOL

I got the most beautiful card too. My best friend is the best! Aren't you jealous?

Really, I would have just been happy getting to spend time with her. It is so great to have someone who is the same age and background, with a like mind and similar tastes to be your best pal. What more could anyone ask for in a friend???

So far I have also gotten a really cool black coat from my Dad. He also got me one for my daughter just like mine! How cool is that?? Love my Daddy!

My friend Jane from work got me a $25 gift certificate to Spin A Yarn in West Jefferson, NC. More yarny goodness!

Needless to say, I feel very loved. I have gotten cards from my friend Kira in Ohio, My Uncle Dennis, and my friend Ruth. My brother sent me a card with a gift card for Applebees! YUM YUM!

I will continue as the birthday saga continues, but for now, I will be looking at the present from my hubby wondering what it could be!

Tell me, why do people not like birthdays???

Christmas is over!

Things can finally settle back down to normal.

My blogging buddy has deserted me! Where oh where is Lou???
I hope to find her today at the Mad Greek Restaurant!

This is my hubby and I on Christmas day. I am wearing a Pi Shawl that I made a couple of years ago from Knit Picks Palette Rain forest Heather.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We had a decent snow for a change this week. We only get snow every few years now. When I was a kid this was a routine thing.

While we were "snowed in", we watched a few movies. I was very impressed with Julia and Julia. There were a few good laughs and it was a good story.

I think of Julie and Julia and my well intended thoughts of knitting my way through the Knitter's Almanac. I have done the Pi shawl and the Mitered Mittens. I started in July 2007 and have only finished 2 of the projects! Maybe I need to set a time limit??? It worked for Julie.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oops! I did it again! (Thank you Knitmore Girls!)

I am a podcast junkie! I listen to them when I am working alone in my office, when I am driving, and on those rare occasions that I clean.

The Knitmore Girls are one of my favorites and they mentioned that Crown Mountain Farms is having sign ups for the fiber club. I had to check that out.

I am a relatively new spinner, and there are lots of breeds of sheep fleece that I have never spun. CMF is selling the club fibers as a different fiber every month, and they are HAND DYED! For only $15 including shipping for 4 ounces!

Needless to say, I had to order the months featuring fibers that I have never spun!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Heart Or Not ????

This is a universal question that has been asked by all knitters, at one time or the other, after they learn the ropes. Do I like Red Heart yarn?

As a Yarn Snob, I would immediately say NOOOOO!!! I hate it, but I have come to change my mind as of late. Let's look at this love, hate relationship of Red Heart yarn, for what it really is.

Before I knew about yarn, I used Red Heart and was really quite happy with it. Sure it was itchy and rough in the beginning, but it took a lot of trips into the washer and dryer and softened up quite nicely after a while. It became a good warm afghan knit by my grandmother, who I loved and admired for her creative gift of "cranking" out as many ripple afghans as the family needed.

Red Heart is relatively cheap, considering high end wool yarns and you get a lot of BANG for the BUCK in every skein and with the current recession in full swing, I don't know about you, but I am buying some of the "Closet Yarns" again so that I will have enough yardage and not break the bank........or go without groceries for the next few weeks, because I won't stop buying yarn.... I'm worse than a drug dealer when it comes to YARN...... And you can even get it in "Soft" now.....I guess what I am trying to say is that EVERY yarn has it's place in your stash and is "good" for something.

With that all being said, I have been such a yarn snob that I have formally refused to list my stash of Red Heart and other acrylics for that matter, on my Ralvery page. Hardly anyone does and I didn't want to be "Labeled" as Cheap !!!Then something happened that changed my mind..... Forever.....

Have you ever spent weeks or even months knitting for someone in a beautiful expensive yarn, pulling out all the stops, only for them to toss it into the washing machine and dryer, then pull out a felted MESS........ well it has happened to me....... All that work............ Ruined by someone who didn't know how to take care of wool, even after being told to gently hand wash and lay flat to dry. It is enough to make you cry and burst into fits of sorrow.................. So now I am thinking that Red Heart Yarn it's place is a great thing. It can take the punishment that some folks dish out and keep on looking great.

I am confessing to the world, that I am coming out of the closet about Acrylic yarns in general. If your making a large throw and it will get "Throwed" all over the couch and floor. The kids will be dropping ice cream all over it, while cuddled up with the dog or cat, then Acrylic is right for you. Just toss it into the washer and dryer and your good to go.... Now I am not talking Red Heart for Heirloom Items...... Just every day throws and things that you need to clean a lot and don't have a lot of time to handwash and dry.

I am going to make a few of those Mason Dixon Modern Blankets out of my stash of Acrylic, including Red Heart....I know most of you have some of it stashed away where your friends can't see.....We ALL have it...If wouldn't be one of the TOP Sellers in the world and sold at every Walmart in the country..... So your secret is out.... .. Is Red Heart my favorite yarn? Well No... Would I want to wear it against my face or on my head? Well No... Would I use it to let the kids lay on while watching their favorite movies or take it on a camping trip... Oh Yeah...The answer is Defiantly Yes.... How about You ???

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our FAVORITE yarn!

We were at a knitting group the first time we saw this yarn. My eyes got really big as the lady beside me pulled it out and said she was making a baby blanket. I turned to look at Lou, and her eyes were big as mine. Those who know us understand that we can get a serious case of the giggles going on, especially if we are tired, which we were. Oh boy! I didn't dare look at her the rest of the meet-up.

Why does anyone want to knit string with cotton balls on it??? (That is what we call this yarn- it is actually Pomp-A-Doodle). I can't imagine wearing this stuff! Lou can't imagine laying a baby on all those bumps.

I suspect this yarn and all the other varieties from other manufactures will be coming soon to a Big Lots near you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Diet???? :(

Needless to say - I have a few problems. Purchasing yarn and roving, desserts, and food in general. I don't think those are such bad problems. I have no desire for cigarettes or drugs, and alcohol is a very rare thing.

I realize that obesity is more harmful to your health than smoking, but I couldn't decide between 3 layer chocolate cake or cheesecake for dessert. - What did I do? The logical thing --- I had both!

I have been severely tempted to knit at funerals! The only thing that held me back was the embarrassment my husband would have suffered! If Lou had been with me and would have pulled out her knitting with me, Oh Well!

So - I have a problem with excess. We all have our vices and I am perfectly happy with mine.

My answer to a yarn diet - NO! Not yet! Maybe later LOL

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stash Reduction ...........=(

Have you ever heard Jeff Foxworthy say " You might be a redneck if ? " Or the old saying "If the shoe fits"............ Well this cartoon says it all.............

It actually looks like that at my house. I guess I "should" start another yarn diet with Cindy. The last time we lasted for 3 months. No Yarn, No Books, No Nothing...........We went Cold turkey until SAFF. How about it Chick......... Think we can do it again ? Perhaps others can even join us ............ Nite Ya'll...........=)

Reindeer Fleece

I wonder what Santa does with all that Reindeer fleece??? Maybe he will leave a fleece for me under my tree this year?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Night

When nothing else feels quite right, I knit socks. It has rained for days here in Eastern Tennessee with no sunshine in site. It's the kind of rain where the cold seeps way down into your bones and causes your fingers to ache and hurt.

I was working on my shawl eariler today and I timed myself. It is taking almost a hour and a half to knit a row and purl it back on my shawl. The weight of the thing is causing my hands to hurt so I have decided to switch to socks. Now I know you are asking yourslef, if your that close to finishing , then why stop. I guess the answer is that tonight I just needed to knit without thinking. I always try to keep a simple pair of socks on the needles at all times, so that I can take a break from thinking. I learned to knit socks using Ann Buds Book "The Knitters Book Of Handy Patterns " which gives you a recipe for plain functional socks, from any yarn that you want to use and they always fit your feet. To me her pattern is " Knitting Bliss" when I don't want to think , but need to keep my hands moving.

Later on I will list the things that I have on my needles and who they are for and why they are "not" finished. I will also discuss "The Yarn Diet" that Cindy and I are on and about the stash that has clearly taken over my craft room and my house. Maby some resolutions are in order for this comming year. Cindy and I both are good at sticking to them if it becomes a challenge and we "Spit and Shake" on it. Bet some of you have never heard that old saying before, but from where we are from it is the gospel. Woe to anyong who breaks a "Spit and Shake" .

Well that is about it for tonight. So off I go to knit on these Farm Tractor socks that I started back in the late summer. There is a picture of them at the top, when I was knitting at the late summer picnic, Cindy, her family and my family went on. They have been on the needles far to long and its time they are on my feet.

Keep Warm and Knit, Knit, Knit.................. =)

Friday Morning

I get to work long before anyone else arrives because I carpool with my husband. The office opens 45 minutes after I arrive. I love the calm and quiet. It is so peaceful.

We have sold several skeins of shawl yarn this week. The color pictured is called Nomad. It is a mixture of grey and beige. I really hated this color at first, but the longer I look at it the more I like it. It goes with everything.

On my Needles: Vanilla socks using Socks That Rock Mustang Sally (a gift from Lou), Good Health Socks using Winter Mountain Fibers Clown Fish Lightweight Sock Yarn, the Victorian Romance Shawl from Goddess Knits using Maine Line 2/8 (another gift from Lou), and a Log Cabin Blanket using up scraps of yarn left over from other projects. I am also adding hand spun yarns that were not enough yardage for a full project. This blanket will be made the way my grandmothers made quilts - just with scraps and not really matching anything.

The weather has turned cold and damp, with a forecast of 6 inches of snow tomorrow. If my arthritis is a forecaster, we should be seeing some snow!

It is now 7 AM and time to go put on a pot of coffee. Enjoy the day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The shawl that knows no end.....

First off....... No mouse yet. but the war is on and the combat is fierce. At this point, I am having to watch where I step, to keep from getting my toes smashed in a trap or getting a sticky trap stuck to my foot..... Houdini Is STILL Going DOWN ...... It's just " When" I don't know......BLAH

Now on to other things like......... Knitting !!!

Ever knit something that you loved knitting on so much that you didn't want to stop ?

I do this a lot because I am a process Knitter......Totally oposite from Cindy who is a product knitter........ She tends to crank things out faster than I can put something in my que on Ralvery. With that said........... Here goes.......

The shawl that "knows no end " will hopefully be coming to an end soon, so that I can actually wear it before I die....... OK.......... that might be a bit crass, but you have to understand whats been going on with this thing. Most of you know that I am a plus sized gal........Actually I am very plus sized, but that's besides the point here.... I wanted to make the Wool Peddlers Shawl by Cheryl Oberle, but I needed it big enough to actually fit me. The above picture is the beautiful wool that I chose for this knitting adventure.

It is 100% fingering wool , soft and blue........what more could a woman ask for !!! Now that I had chosen the pattern , the wool and the needles, I cast on 7 stitches and began to work the pattern.

I have been knitting happily away at this shawl in garter stitch for a while now. It was a comfort to knit as I sat in the hospital with my Father-In-Law. I didn't have to think........just knit, knit, knit.......... Instead of stopping at 231 stitches, as the pattern calls for, I continued to knit on until I reached 331 stitches in glorious garter stitch. The result was 165 st to the right, 1 st center and 165 st to the left. This gave me a total of 331 stitches.

Being a plus sized woman, I wanted the shawl to fit me very nice and comfortably. I stoped knitting on the right side row. Turning my work to the wrong side. I then begin to work my setup row for the lace and then began Row 1. At the end of Row 3 , I inserted a life line because the set up row and rows 1-2 had to be counted carefully in order to set the lace up correctly. With that being said, My lace pattern has been established and away I go.

This is a very satisfying knit and not too complicated. I have now started my 6th lace repeat and think that I will actually add one more than the pattern calls for. Call me a nut, but I love the number 7.... It the number of the Lord above and special to me in many ways.
So 7 lace repeats it will be......... See I told you it was never ending.......... We will see !!!

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lou's Mice

I did a little snooping and look what I found! Now we know what the mice are up to!

Rain, Rain, Go Away or at least let me go home!

I really don't mind a rainy day when I can sit in my recliner looking out my window and read or knit, but being at work on a rainy day is different. I just want to take a nap. Lunch time will soon be over and I will have to be back at work.

I started a Log Cabin blanket last night using scraps of yarn I had left over from other projects. If only I could spend the day with it!

As for mice - perhaps they are now selling little spinning wheels for mice to use. Are the toothpicks missing? Perhaps they are knitting too! :)

I have been checking my stash daily since the mouse incident - I was up this morning at 2 AM checking my stash because my dog barked - OMG! Could a mouse be eating my wool or alpaca???? Thankfully, I didn't wake my hubby up with my late night adventure.

In the beginning and More...=)

Hello....=), I am Louann ( My friends call me Lou ). I am the "Other Half "of Cindy. As Cindy has already said we met thru our husbands and have never looked back. Best friends to the end!!!
Cindy is the only person that I know, that would take me to "SAFF", drag me around, carry my spinning wheel and stand in line for drinks, while I sat in my chair "waiting" and NOT complain. That's the kind of friend I have in her. We decided to create this blog, so that we could share our "crazy" lives with everyone who wants to read about two country girls living with a "Yarn Addiction".......So let's get started!!!

Cindy and I both had doctors appointments yesterday and decided to meet up at Barnes and Noble and grab some lunch. Since I don't get out of the house a lot, this was such a welcome relief, getting out of the house and to being with my BFF, all in one trip !!! We looked at some of the new knitting books while chatting and then I remembered the MOUSE......... Oh Gosh...... So now you get to hear what she heard..............the whole traumatic tale........=)

My Father-In-Law had been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks and I had been sitting with him and knitting while he slept. I hadn't been at the house, except at night, in a while, so I was excited to be able to check my e-mail and look at things on Ralvery. I was in total bliss, until I came up for air and looked around my craft room.......... I noticed that one of my bags of Shetland fiber, that I had bought at SAFF, was missing it's plastic bag. I thought to myself..... Who in the world would have been messing in my fiber........ once I picked up what was left of the bag, I knew.........A mouse.......... There was a mouse in the house and it was after my FIBER !!!! Oh Gosh..........this was dramatic and it meant WAR !!!

Now I am usually humane about critters and like to capture them and place them back where they belong.........outside.........but this was my fiber and my yarn, as I discovered later, ....... that this MOUSE had attacked with a vengeance........ There would be NO mercy because this MOUSE was going DOWN !!!.

I called my hubby and explained the dire situation and told him not to come home without an arsenal, which he did. Now mind you, I am afraid of those tiny mouse traps...... because of its finger catching capabilities, so I asked the hubby to do the dirty work. He armed 4 traps with peanut butter and cheese and placed then all over my craft room. We packed up my SAFF treasures in plastic totes and went to bed quite happily , sure that that mouse was going down for the count. I got up the next morning to find......NOTHING....... that little pest had not took the bate for any of my traps........nor has it done so for the last few days. I am calling it Houdini from now on.

My Hubby is coming home today with more mouse catching devices in order to catch this sneaky little critter......... In the meantime, I am keeping my Fiber goodies in plastic totes and trying to catch another glimpse of the enemy !!!

Well that's about it for now. I am still "Eyeing" the corners and listening with the alertness of a mother guarding her babies from a MONSTER !!!! The war is still on........... just pausing until the hubby gets home with more weapons............... Catch you Later. !!!! LMBO!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the beginning...

I'm Cindy. Louann and I met in May through our husbands who worked together at the time. We were immediately best friends - just like twins! We were both knitters, cross stitchers, crocheters, scrapbookers and quilters!

We have been through some hard times together already. We started a little yarn dyeing habit that has led us to open an Etsy shop to sell off some excess!
Our latest dyeing adventure was for an upcoming Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl Knit a Long - see

See the colors... Sienna, Nomad, and Olive on our etsy site

Since we seem to amuse others as well as ourselves, we decided to blog together. Please join in our chatter by leaving comments.

Today we met at Barnes and Noble for Cafe Mochas and to sit and knit. We discovered 2 books we must have, Knitting Under the Sun and The Joy of Sox. We went on a yarn and knitting book diet in August, so we didn't purchase. We had a binge of "fibery goodness" at the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair in October. We have been "trying" to avoid spending anything other than Christmas and Birthday money until we go to our next festival - The Smokey Mountain Fiber Fair in Townsend, TN in March. Miss Babs led me astray, and Louann was tempted by Knit Picks, but we are doing pretty well for us.