Monday, December 7, 2009

Diet???? :(

Needless to say - I have a few problems. Purchasing yarn and roving, desserts, and food in general. I don't think those are such bad problems. I have no desire for cigarettes or drugs, and alcohol is a very rare thing.

I realize that obesity is more harmful to your health than smoking, but I couldn't decide between 3 layer chocolate cake or cheesecake for dessert. - What did I do? The logical thing --- I had both!

I have been severely tempted to knit at funerals! The only thing that held me back was the embarrassment my husband would have suffered! If Lou had been with me and would have pulled out her knitting with me, Oh Well!

So - I have a problem with excess. We all have our vices and I am perfectly happy with mine.

My answer to a yarn diet - NO! Not yet! Maybe later LOL

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