Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Heart Or Not ????

This is a universal question that has been asked by all knitters, at one time or the other, after they learn the ropes. Do I like Red Heart yarn?

As a Yarn Snob, I would immediately say NOOOOO!!! I hate it, but I have come to change my mind as of late. Let's look at this love, hate relationship of Red Heart yarn, for what it really is.

Before I knew about yarn, I used Red Heart and was really quite happy with it. Sure it was itchy and rough in the beginning, but it took a lot of trips into the washer and dryer and softened up quite nicely after a while. It became a good warm afghan knit by my grandmother, who I loved and admired for her creative gift of "cranking" out as many ripple afghans as the family needed.

Red Heart is relatively cheap, considering high end wool yarns and you get a lot of BANG for the BUCK in every skein and with the current recession in full swing, I don't know about you, but I am buying some of the "Closet Yarns" again so that I will have enough yardage and not break the bank........or go without groceries for the next few weeks, because I won't stop buying yarn.... I'm worse than a drug dealer when it comes to YARN...... And you can even get it in "Soft" now.....I guess what I am trying to say is that EVERY yarn has it's place in your stash and is "good" for something.

With that all being said, I have been such a yarn snob that I have formally refused to list my stash of Red Heart and other acrylics for that matter, on my Ralvery page. Hardly anyone does and I didn't want to be "Labeled" as Cheap !!!Then something happened that changed my mind..... Forever.....

Have you ever spent weeks or even months knitting for someone in a beautiful expensive yarn, pulling out all the stops, only for them to toss it into the washing machine and dryer, then pull out a felted MESS........ well it has happened to me....... All that work............ Ruined by someone who didn't know how to take care of wool, even after being told to gently hand wash and lay flat to dry. It is enough to make you cry and burst into fits of sorrow.................. So now I am thinking that Red Heart Yarn it's place is a great thing. It can take the punishment that some folks dish out and keep on looking great.

I am confessing to the world, that I am coming out of the closet about Acrylic yarns in general. If your making a large throw and it will get "Throwed" all over the couch and floor. The kids will be dropping ice cream all over it, while cuddled up with the dog or cat, then Acrylic is right for you. Just toss it into the washer and dryer and your good to go.... Now I am not talking Red Heart for Heirloom Items...... Just every day throws and things that you need to clean a lot and don't have a lot of time to handwash and dry.

I am going to make a few of those Mason Dixon Modern Blankets out of my stash of Acrylic, including Red Heart....I know most of you have some of it stashed away where your friends can't see.....We ALL have it...If wouldn't be one of the TOP Sellers in the world and sold at every Walmart in the country..... So your secret is out.... .. Is Red Heart my favorite yarn? Well No... Would I want to wear it against my face or on my head? Well No... Would I use it to let the kids lay on while watching their favorite movies or take it on a camping trip... Oh Yeah...The answer is Defiantly Yes.... How about You ???

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  1. Well- I must say that the only way I will buy Red Heart Super Saver is if I have knitted all my stash and have no money for anything else.(and there is nothing left in Lou's stash - she is very generous!) I don't have a problem with acrylic per say, but with Super Saver. Red Heart Heart and Sole Sock Yarn is delightful. Super Saver is just so rough!

    I am more of a Lion Brand Wool Ease girl myself LOL! Homespun is soft, but hard to knit and does not hold up to machine washing. I have found I need to treat the acrylics just like I treat wool.

    All of my yarn is on my Ravelry stash page - no discrimination! mikeslittlesis