Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I realize that I have not posted in quite a while and for this is am so sorry.
I have been trying to work thru a few things in my life.

I have come to realize that todays world has an excess of everything. Now I am not saying that that is bad in anyway, but from time to time I also believe that we should give thanks to God for all that He has done for us.

If you have ate a good meal today... then you have a reason to give thanks to God. If you have a place to lay your head tonight, no matter how fancy or humble, you have a good reason to give thanks to God. I am often guilty of wanting to horde the things that I like and surround myself with goodies, but never once stopping to give thanks to God and actually thanking Him for all of the belssings that He has placed in my life. Why don't we just stop for a moment and give thanks to God and thank Him for His blessings and overflowing abundance.

I know this is a knitting blog, but this has a lot to do with knitting , as well as other areas in my life. It is time for me to stop wanting all the time and look at what I already have. Do I really need new sock yarn, when I have 200 skeins stuffed in my sock yarn drawer. Do I really need every new knitting book that hits the book stores this year, when I have books on my shelves that I have barely skimmed thru and never read. There is nothing wrong with getting a new pattern or book , or even a skein of yarn, if you are going to actually use it. But to just spend all of your money stuffing every drawer and closet full of things that will never see the light of day is a waste. You and I both, could be using all that money we are wasting, trying to buy happiness, paying off our bills and getting out of debt.

I am not making any "resolutions" for the year, mainly because I always break them. So this year I am going to just say " Make Due and Use". That means to make due with the abundance that you already have and stop coveting everything that your neighbor has. Just simply use what you have already accumulated. If you need a skein of yarn to finish a project .......then buy it. If you have a "Ufo" that you love , then finish it and if you don't love it or can't stand to work on it." Frog -it ", then reclaim the yarn and make something else with it or simply give it away to someone who will make use of it and enjoy the process.

Share with others and thank God everyday for what you have. Praise His Holy Name for all of the belssings in your life and Give to those in need. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and we will find an inner peace in 2010 that you have never had before..... And that my dear knitting friend........can "not" be bought........only experienced..... Happy New Year to you all.....
Keep on knitting ................=)

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